How the PFA failed Nobby Stiles and countless others

October 20, 2017

The Grimond Room in Westminster’s Portcullis House. FA Chairman Greg Clarke is giving evidence to the DCMS, part of a House of Commons inquiry into sport governance. It isn’t going well. Clarke is coming across as a man that has arrogantly, under-prepared for this. So flustered is he that he attempts, at one stage, to pour himself a glass of water from an empty jug. What he needs is a…


United criticism only highlights ignorance

October 15, 2017

It’s fair to say that, since the final whistle blew at Anfield, I’ve had to read a lot of garbage about Mourinho’s intentions. Apparently he parked the bus and made no attempt to win, which only highlights the ignorance of so many respected journalists. I understand that some have an agenda, they will criticise Jose regardless. Therefore, they can be discounted before even trying to get into the ludicrous claims…


Chelsea connection key to Anfield victory

October 12, 2017

April 2014. Anfield. It was supposed to be a rubber stamping of Liverpool’s glorious, title winning season. The ‘slip’ may have gotten all the headlines and the notoriety but it was Mourinho’s plan that ultimately derailed the scousers. Fast forward three years and very little has changed for Liverpool. Just like in that game, they rely on a fast start at Anfield to build up a head of steam. Hoping…


Audio; Tom Clare talks about Sir Bobby Charlton

October 11, 2017

Earlier this evening, our dear friend and contributor, Tom Clare spoke with Bill Rice on BBC Radio Manchester about his memories of Sir Bobby Charlton.   Tom was lucky enough to see Bobby (as he was then) play in the United youth and reserve teams. Spotting his remarkable talent even at that tender age. In the audio clip below, Tom shares some of those memories on the excellent BBC radio…


Bobby Charlton’s debut by Tom Clare

October 8, 2017

The great author and Manchester United historian, Tom Clare, tells the story of how he was there to witness the debut of one of English football’s all time greats, Sir Bobby Charlton. This article was first published on the MUST website on 5th October 2006. We thank them and Tom Clare for allowing us to share it with you. Saturday, October 6th 1956, was a rather special day for a…