Jose Mourinho press conference 12/12/17

After the ‘Battle of Old Trafford’ it was obvious what would be the number one topic for the assembled journalists today. Jose was having none of it though.

The closest he got to discussing the matter was when one journalist pushed him on what Guardiola had said, in his press conference, and Jose replied that he thought “there was a difference in diversity, diversity in behaviours, diversity in education.”

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On bouncing back

“When you lose, you probably have a little bit more desire to win. Nobody likes to lose once, nobody likes to lose twice. I think it’s something that belongs to every team in the world. When you lose a match, you have that little bit extra to give in the next match. We try to win all the time and, I repeat, when you have a bad result, you don’t want to have two bad results. We lost against Chelsea and the next match we had a little bit extra to try to win. Chelsea lost last weekend [against West Ham], for sure they have a little bit more to give in the next match.”

Is the title race over?

“I told you when it was eight points or something like that, we go match after match, one match at a time, try to win the match, try to get maximum points. We have the number of points we have, last season we had seven or eight less in this moment. Last season, we drew at home to Bournemouth, now let’s try to do better than we did last season.”

On injuries

Mourinho doesn’t yet know if Marcos Rojo can face the Cherries, after the defender suffered a head wound against Manchester City, but is boosted by Phil Jones’s return to fitness.

Now watch the video below of the press conference,

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